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    Questions about editing video clips, images and text


      I'm using the Expert mode and I'm having trouble with figuring out how to do certain things.


      1. I'm superimposing a picture of a scoreboard on my video and then I superimpose a text object on top of that so I can update the scores throughout the video.  I've placed on instance of the text object on my "Video 3" and now I want to change the score.  So I created another instance on the same "Video 3" timeline.  Now I want to close the gap between the two instances.  I would expect to be able to click on the gap in between and delete it but nothing happens.  I would also expect to be able to double click on the instance to access the specific start and end times that I see when I hover over it.  But again nothing happens.  So I've been magnifying the timeline so I can manually drag the two instances together.  Is there an easier and more precise way to close the gap?


      2. Is there an easier way to periodically change a text object without creating a bunch of instances?  My "project assets" folder is getting filled up quickly because the score is constantly getting updated and I keep creating a new instance for each score change.


      3. Is there a way to permanently combine two seperate video clips?  I've used the "group" option but there is still a divider that reminds me that the two were seperate.  I'd like to be able to combine the two and for it to look as if it was always just one large clip.


      4. When I use the scissors to cut a section out of the middle of a clip, the blue marker that shows where I am currently in the video stays in place.  So each time I cut out a section, I have to manually drag the blue marker over to the new beginning that was at the end of all the stuff I just cut.  Is there a preference to have the blue marker stay with you when you edit instead of it suddenly being far ahead of you in the editing process?