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    Fonts Missing from CC Install

    Jeff Sydor Level 1

      I used to have Futura LT Condensed Light on my Windows 7 machine when we used CS5. But since upgrading to CC on my Mac machine, that particular font is missing. All the other versions of Futura are present (Medium, Condensed Medium, Condensed Extrabold).


      What happened to the Condensed Light that I previously had?



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          Dov Isaacs Adobe Employee

          There is no version of Futura that is installed by any of the versions of any Adobe application software. Nor do the installers, uninstallers, or updaters of such software remove any user-installed fonts.


          If you were running on WIndows and licensed the Futura font family from some font vendor and then moved to a Mac, then it would be your responsibility to copy over the fonts from the Windows sytems to the Mac (assuming of course that your licensed for the fonts permitted same).


                    - Dov

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            Jeff Sydor Level 1

            Thanks, I thought it was installed with Adobe. Not sure where the others came from. Just deduced that since only computers with Adobe CC have those fonts here.


            $29 isn't breaking the bank lol.