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    cfpresentation marginTop?

    ericbegins Level 1

      I'm trying to create Powerpoint files on the fly and all works well except for the placement of the content.  It seems to center the content vertically regardless of my margin settings.  Supposedly cfpresentationslide takes marginTop/Bottom/Right/Left as attributes, but it doesn't appear to affect the placement of the content.  The main problem is that I'd like to add my own header to the slide and have it statically located at the top of each slide.  This doesn't appear to be possible.  I've tried every HTML/CSS trick I know of.  Just outputting a simple "Hello World" yields a slide with several hundred pixels of white space at the top.  It almost like it saves room for the header by default, but doesn't give you any way to write into that area.


      Anyone know of any tricks?



      Eric Richardson

      CF10 Standard

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          ericbegins Level 1

          I *kinda* figured out the problem here.  I had mindlessly left the "title=" attribute of cfpresentationslide to a variable which was resolving to an empty string.  Apparently whatever is in the title attribute gets put in the header.  So, even though it was blank, it was still reserving space for it and pushing my content down the slide.  Removing the title attribute fixes it so that my content can begin at the true top/left of the slide.  It still doesn't seem to respond to any marginTop/Bottom/Left/Right specifications, but I can control that with my content.