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    Using Project Manager


      I am using Robohelp 10 on Win 7 OS


      After renaming some files and folders in the Project Manager, I closed RoboHelp and when I tried to open the project again it was corrupted. Got the message "Robohelp stopped working" and could not open the project.


      I wonder if I broke some rule(s) for using Project Manager. Here's what I did:

      1. right-clicked a folder and chose "rename" to rename the folder. Did this to a few folders.
      2. right-clicked a topic and chose "properties". Under "general" tab, renamed "topic title" and "file name" (thought i used the correct RH file naming conventions for doing so). Did this to a few topics. Also revised index and keyword text.
      3. Dragged-and-dropped a few topics into different folders.
      4. Dragged a topics up and down in a folder to change the list order
      5. After moving all topics out of folder, right-clicked an empty folder and chose "delete". did this to a few folders


      Do any of these actions break the rules of using Project Manager?


      It may be helpful to also note that i have not as yet created a ToC for this project


      One more note: fortunately i had a backup of the project. I opened this project and after i made the following changes, the project was corrupted:

      1. In the project manager, created a new folder
      2. for a topic in a different folder, right-clicked the topic and chose properties. Renamed the "topic title". Revised the "keyword" text. Added an index enty.
      3. Moved the topic to the new folder
      4. Exited Robohelp

      What option is not permissible?

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          RoboColum(n) Level 5

          They are all permissible. If your project is still corrupted, try deleting the <projectname>.cpd file and reopen the project.

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            jeffc2010 Level 1


            Thank you for the tip.


            In the meantime i created a new project and am building the project folder/file structure from scratch by creating the new folder and then importing the html files from the old project.


            I started the old project by importing a framemaker project and i think there are a lot of residual "stuff" in the windows explorer directory structure that makes it easy to break when shuffling things around from inside robohelp.


            By just importing the html files into a new folder in a new project seems to create a cleaner project --and so far it is not breaking.

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              jeffc2010 Level 1


              After I had been working on my project for several hours (wherein i made a few changes to some topic properties), i closed my project and the problem noted previously occurred again barring me from opening the project.


              Thanks to your suggestion, I tried deleting the CPD file and i was able to open the project.


              Using your tip saved me from having to refer to the backup where i would have lost several hours of tedious work.


              Thanks for the tip.