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    Error:  Acrobat.com could not save the pdf file.  the file might be open in another application

    onebadkat Level 1

      This is sooo fustrating.  


      First - I created a form with the free trail.  Then got approval to purchase the subscription with another account.  So I tried to save the free trail form as a PDF and figured I could export it to the paid account.   NO luck.  Fine.  So I decided to recreate the form.  The ONLY reason why I paid for the subscrition was for the ability to have the FILLED out form be sent to me as a PDF form.  I applied logic to certain jpegs that should only show up based on anwsers.  I need to be able to see these icons.  Anyway - now I get a freakin error saying the file "might" be open in another application.  LIKE WHAT?  This is first time I've tried to save the form in the first place. 


      I cleared all cookies, check every temp file on my mac and NOTHING!