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    Visual linked list app in flex

      So Im trying to create a dynamic linked list something that visually may look like this (this is only an example) http://www.csc.liv.ac.uk/~ped/teachadmin/COMP102/Figures/ll.gif

      My goal is to have a top box where the linked list will be displayed and a bottom box where nodes will be found. The user will be able to move nodes in and out from the bottom box to the top box thus creating the singly linked list. Each node will have a node_id and I will save the order each one is in (the nodes_id each points to) in a MySQL DB. I been searching online for pontential examples but nothing yet.

      I this at all possible in Flex? I dont expect anyone to give me answer I just need to get more acquainted with Flex for me to be able to figure this out!

      Thank you very much!