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    Can I start rendering in AE while an image sequence renders in C4D?


      I have a really long C4D image sequence render that will go into a really long AE render (I don't want to use Cineware for this). If I know that, say, the AfterEffects render will take 2 hours total to render, can I have it start rendering while the C4D render has another hour left to go? The pass had been rendered previously so I'm just overwriting the image sequence, and I am positive AE won't overtake the C4D render.


      I've had issues with having to reload image sequences in the past after I've overwritten them (even if they were overwritten while AE was turned off), but will AE need to have all the C4D image sequences already rendered before I can start rendering it out in AE? It would just save me a little bit of time.