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    Photoshop CC won't initialize


      I've called Adobe about this issue and not understanding the tech the only thing I got out of the call was to establish another user profile on my new iMac.  I did this and can run Photoshop CC under the other user but this is terribly inconvenient.  I'm not a comupter genius but why will it work under another user but not under my original user profile.  It used to work under this origianl one.  All the other Adobe programs work just fine.

      I'm not satisfied with this "fix" but Adobe is only interested in closing out my case even though I've told them the problem isn't fixed.  I've seen that many other people are having the same issue and it seems that Adobe  has a definite problem that they aren't interested in fixing.

      I've noticed they haven't quit charging my charge card each month for Photoshop CC.

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          Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional

          I don't do Macs, but have had vaguely similar problems when some apps had different language settings.  Sounds odd, but one was English North American, and the other English International.


          I don't like the sound of using a different profile.  That sounds like two seperate accounts, which you know will go pear shapped sooner or later.  Go through the profile carefully looking for anomolies.

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            RonB7239 Level 1

            For all of you who are experencing this problem, contact Adobe and request a Technician call you and take control of your computer from his remote location.  I had a call this morning and he had me fixed and running in very short order.  It had something to do with permissions.

            Don't totally understand as it used to work without any problem, but he got it working now