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    Can someone help find the loop in my actionscript animation and tell me how to save in png sequence?


      Hi, I made a snow falling effect in flash useing actionscript and I want to use it in a game. To add an animation in my game I would need to save the animation in a .png sequence because this game is made in another program. how do we save the actionscript animation in a .png sequence?

      Scince this is for a game I cant have too many pictures in the game or else it will be very buggy so I am wondering if anyone can help me find the loop in this actionscript animation?

      Here is my .fla file of my animation: https://www.dropbox.com/s/oe6vk22wem294pm/snow.fla

      Hope you can help me out.

      Thanks in advance!

      P.S This actionscript code was from here: http://troyworks.com/blog/2008/11/26/flash-kirupa-snow-in-as30/comment-page-1/#comment-279 6

      scrool to the bottom of the coments page and find a user in the coments named Cameron. thats me; and below me troy posted a pile of code which I dont understand what he is trying to say too.