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    RAM previewing and rendering not working correctly



      Today I was just about finished editing a video on CS6 and then when I'm about to add the last effect and render it it stuffs up on me:(. What happens is that while RAM previewing at some point during the loading of the preview it will stop loading, It will then proceed to play the ram preview on loop and when I press a button to stop it a small box pops up in the centre of my screen and the ram preview bar to show what has loaded (the one which shows green for parts that are loaded and blue for cached) turns black and sometimes other parts of after effects turn black. This has happened before and I fixed it by uninstalling and reinstalling After Effects about 6 times. I would do that this time though I would like to know the cause of it and any possible fixes as it is quite irritating. Another thing that may be happening is the RAM usage is slowly filling as I render. This has happened before on my laptop and I did not manage to fix it though it was not related to the first issue that time. The last time when it happened on my laptop the RAM usage eventually filled up to 100% and it would no longer render. I am not sure if it is happening this time as it is still currently rendering though I will update the thread if it does. Finally my render is going very slowly, I am not sure if this issue is realted to any of the above or if it is just the effects I am using though. My memory and multiprocessing settings are using 6 cores of 7 with 2 GB of ram allocated to each with multiprocessing on. My ram allocated for other programs is 6GB. To fix these Issues so far I have tried clearing the cache, purging the memory and image cache, restarting  my computer and reinstalling after effects. My specs are:

      i7 4770k non overclocked

      GTX 780

      G.Skill Ripjaws Z 2133mhz 32GB

      Samsung 840 pro

      Seagate Barracuda

      MSI Z87-G45

      H100i cooler


      Any reply is appreciated

      Thanks in advance


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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          How much experience do you have with AE? Ram preview can be lengthened by adjusting the resolution of the composition window, different parts of the project can be previewed using the work area, and preview length and render time are both a function of composition frame size. Complex, memory intensive effects like particle systems will reduce the render time and the length of a ram preview. Without knowing the details of your composition it's hard to say if you are running into a bug, running out of resources, or experiencing normal behavior.