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    creating pdf file to word document


      I signed up for what i thought was a free trial but the trial evidentially is not free like it states. all tho, i did get the instructions i needed to perform the process of changing from PDF to word document.  Now I go to the document and go to sign in and it wont let me type in the box for user name or password, even tho, Im signed in to the adobe site.  I don't understand this as I see I am not the only one having problems getting this to work, I have tried now for over a week to get this one page to print out, and finally it did it and I don't know what I did to make it work, but I made 3 copies of this form the other day.  Now today I'm trying again and still having the same problems that I was having the other day.  I found out that you can get dropbox for free on your computer and if you can drag the document to the dropbox or the file name, it will also change the document for you into a word format to print out the form.  Just would like to give out this information as it is very good at printing out pictures off you I phone and other devices also.