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    Adobe Premiere Elements 12


      After buying an Adobe program "macui" and "checkclientstatus" showed up on my Launchpad, (I have a Mac laptop) but whenever I click on the program it doesn't do anything. How do I open Adobe Pemiere Elements 12?

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

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          Unfortunately, this is the PrPro CS 5 and Later Forum.


          I will Move your post to the Premiere Elements Forum, where you will get quick responses. Your link and any e-mail subscriptions will follow.


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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            One question, please:


            Did you buy Premiere Elements 12 from the Apps Store, or from Adobe?


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              ReesLZZ Level 1

              It was bought from Adobe.

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                Akshat B Adobe Employee

                Go to Applications-->Adobe Premiere Elements 12 and double click on Adobe Premiere Elements 12 alias

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                  A.T. Romano Level 7



                  What specific Adobe product did you buy and install and got unexpected bonus of "macui" and "checkclientstatus"?

                  The latter two are often seen after download of various Adobe products which use a required Akami Download Manager. I have not seen that Premiere Elements 12 Windows uses the Akami Download Manager. I am not sure what the Mac situation would be on that.


                  Is this Adobe purchased product which brought in those 2 items something other than Premiere Elements 12?


                  Is your problem at the moment that you cannot open Premiere Elements 12 on your Mac computer? If there is another Adobe purchase involved here, is that other Adobe product opening? What is Mac operating system are you using?


                  In Windows, the Akami Download Manager is often associated with serious Firewall issues. We need a Mac person involvement here if you do not know the answers on the Mac side of the story.


                  If you do not need the Akami Download Manager any longer, my first instinct would be to delete/uninstall it. I suspect that deleting/uninstalling the Akami Download Manager will take with it the "macui" and "checkclientstatus". Check the Firewalls situation.


                  Steve Grisetti works with Premiere Elements Mac and can be expected to offer some insights into this, possibly ruling in or out what I suspect is at the core of this issue.


                  Looking forward to learning of further developments.





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                    A.T. Romano Level 7



                    I did not see Akshat B's post until after I had posted mine.


                    Since Akshat B represents Adobe Staff, I will defer to Akshat B's call on this.


                    But, I would be interested to learn if any of what I suspected is involved in this matter.





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                      ReesLZZ Level 1

                      I bought Adobe Premiere Elements 12 and nothing else. The problem is that I am not able to open up Adobe Premiere Elements 12, I can't even find anything that is labeled with the single Adobe product that I bought. I am not sure what Akami Download Manager even is.

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                        Sandeep Singh Adobe Employee

                        HI ReesLZZ,


                        We really apologies for the inconvince.


                        Did you try to download from this link ?




                        if not, please try again to download from this link. It will download Adobe Download Assistant.


                        It will help to download Premiere Elements 12 on your Mac.


                        If you need further help, please reply me back.




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                          A.T. Romano Level 7



                          I see that another member of Adobe Staff has posted in your thread with troubleshooting directives.


                          In Windows, the "Adobe Download Assistant.exe" is required for the download of Premiere Elements 12, not the Akami Download Manager.

                          a. Either the Mac uses a different download assistant for Premiere Elements 12 Mac than does Windows, that is,

                          Windows Adobe Download Assistant vs Mac Akami Download Manager


                          b. I have heard mention of the "macui" and "checkclientstatus" ONLY in content with the Akami Download Manager. So, I have been going on the assumption that you somehow have the Akami Download Manager which is prone to firewall issues.


                          Did you ever say from where you are downloading your Premiere Elements 12 Mac?

                          Did you use the Adobe link that Sandeep Singh has posted?

                          Please indicate which applies to your download - Premiere Elements 12 Mac from Adobe or Adobe Premiere Elements 12 Editor (Mac App Store) or Adobe Premiere Elements 12 Quick Editor (Mac App Store)?


                          I will be watching for further developments.





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                            search akamai in my mac(all my files)


                            and delete...


                            the end

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                              A.T. Romano Level 7



                              Did you note that this is a 2 year old thread which did not receive a follow up from the originator of thread?


                              The answers are in the details, and unfortunately the details of the originator of the thread (Reest_ZZ) were not confirmed by Reest_ZZ. Apparently Reest_ZZ has not signed in here for over a year.


                              Did you run into the same situation the Reest_ZZ did with Premiere Elements 12? If so, please give us the details of the download involved - from where, etc?

                              Can we assume that you had this problem with 12 Mac, searched the Mac for "akamai" and delete it? If so, what were the specific names of the files that  you deleted, and what was the specific location in which you found them on your Mac computer?


                              In the absence of Reest_ZZ follow up, your information would be a help to others in this situation and looking for specific answers.





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                                i just had the same resent problems on the 2 unknown apps popping up. I'm worry if i should be afraid of what the 2 apps could do to my mac and still currently figuring out a way to remove the 2 apps (macui and checkclientstatus).


                                I think i got the apps from installing java or downloading a file opener using adobe


                                thank you for helping me out

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                                  A.T. Romano Level 7



                                  Did you ever make a decision on whether or not you would delete the macui and checkclientstatus apps?


                                  Did you explore

                                  uninstalling your Premiere Elements 12 Mac

                                  doing the free ccleaner Mac run through  CCleaner - Download

                                  Are macui and checkclientstatus apps gone at this point? If not, can you create a System Restore point before you delete these files yourself?

                                  And, then reinstalling using the following source for new 12's installation files

                                  Download Premiere Elements products | 13, 12, 11, 10


                                  Do you still end up with those 2 apps (macui and checkclientstatus) after the 12 installation is completed successfully?