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    Subform text flows off the page


      My subform text in preview doesn't page break. It flows right off the page. And I do have "Allow Page Breaks within Content" checked inside the Object tab. What's wrong?

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          jasotastic81 Level 3

          everything that your subform is a child of has to page break, as well. So, your text field has to allow page breaks, as does your subform, any other subforms that the subform is contained in, and the page itself. Normally if you have a problem like this, there's something else that contains your text field that will have a yellow triangle on it with an exclamation mark, and it will say something like, "This object may not work properly. Although the object is allowed to break, deselecting the Allow Page Breaks Within Content option of the parent object resctricts this object from breaking between pages."

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            LarryKingLive Level 1

            Thank you. I learned the problem was on the Parent default Page1, which didn't have the subform content "flowed", which fixed the page breakds, but then it messed up my whole layout, so I learned to go into Master Page, Content Area to set my margins and re-layout everything. It was a learning process. Thanks.