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    How do I prevent this error (message)?


      Day 2:  Yesterday I got instructions to download Adobe Active, that did not work.


      All I was trying to do was updae my Adoble Flash Player.  It did not work.  I have tried many things:


      • Normal downloda instructios.
      • Re-start of my computer and tried download again.
      • Full shut down and tried download again.
      • Checked (per instructions) the 'enable' setting.
      • Remove the old versio of Flash and tried download again.
      • Tried dowloading 'Active', that failed also.


      The download get to the 50% point then I get an error message:


      • The Flash Player settings manager is currently open.  Please close the Flash Player setting manager and try again.


      I checked my tash manager and I have no other programs running.  In fact all closed all programs before attempting the download.  There must be something I can do to regain the use of my Flash Player.  Please help!