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    Is it possible to generate HTML files with WebHelp?

      Is it possible to generate WebHelp so that is produces HTML files rather than HTM? Our developers are worried that having HTM extension will somehow affect our ranking on Google. Not sure what that is all about, but told them I would look into it. I see no settings or mention of this anywhere in RoboHelp 6 ( I am using the Word based version).


      Kelly Martin
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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
          See this previous thread.


          Quite apart from breaking your links, there will be many internal files that RH creates that will get broken too.

          I don't understand why your developers feel that htm will adversely affect Google ratings. First this is help so why are ratings important but secondly, and more importantly, just look at how much stuff is out there with .htm. Type my surname into Google. All my site is .htm and it doesn't seem to harm my rankings and that is a small site.