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    Not able to create topic heading automatically

      This new topic is in reference to the topic title – ‘An automatically assigned title is missing in WYSIWIG’ dated 11/30/2007. The link is: http://www.adobe.com/cfusion/webforums/forum/messageview.cfm?catid=449&threadid=1319037

      That day I got two great responses from Matthew and Peter.

      Well, the problem is that I am not able to create a topic heading automatically if I use the template in the New Topic dialog box. However, if I don’t select the template then the heading is created automatically

      My question is how can I create the heading automatically along with the chosen template as well? This is our company’s copyright template which I need to use and it has one line content in the footer. Previously the topic heading used to come automatically using the template when a new topic was created. But now, the topic heading is not coming automatically.

      My other question is that once when I have the topic headings coming automatically as a result of creating a topic, then how can I ensure that if I rename the topic the change will also be reflected in the topic heading?

      In response to the thread link attached, Matthew had recommended to insert a topic title Field (Insert > Field > title) to ensure that the topic heading auto-updates to reflect the topic title. I am not sure what exactly he meant by this to insert the topic in this format in the New Topic Dialog.
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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
          I just created a new project (on RH6 machine). Then I right clicked the template folder and created a new template. By default, that has the topic title as a field.

          I then created a couple of new topics using that template and the field worked correctly. I changed a topic title in project manager and it updated.

          You say if you don't select the template, the heading is created correctly. It will have the topic title by default but that will not change if you change the topic title in topic properties. Keep in mind the topic title and topic heading are not the same thing.

          Move away from your project and create a new one to play with. It's always easier then to see what is going on and it is gremlin free.

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            SangyD Level 1
            Hi Peter,

            Thank you so much for your response!

            After reading your response I tried the following scenarios in the new project I created:

            I created a new template similar to the existing one I have been always using with the one line footer only. Creating a new topic using the new template called ‘new copyright’ does bring out the topic heading automatically in WYSIWYG, along with its footer. And, also renaming the topic title auto-updates the topic heading in the WYSIWIG. Just like the way you said things are working for you.

            Unfortunately, using the existing template the behavior is still the same. I imported this existing template from the working project, where it wasn’t working! Creating a new topic using the existing template is not bringing any topic heading in the WYSIWYG, as I mentioned before, it only displays one line footer and of course renaming the topic title does nothing because there isn’t any topic heading on the first place for this topic in the WYSIWIG.

            Do you have any idea why my existing template is working the way I described above? Is there any way I can modify my existing template, because this is the same template has been used in my working project for all the topics so far. I am not sure if it’s a good idea to modify that template to work with the rest of the topics or I should create a new template imitating the one I had before which actually, had only one line footer.

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              Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
              I have read your post in haste thanks to a three hour power cut and trying to catch up.

              You've proved there is something wrong with your original template. You now need to compare the working and non working template. Else can you not recreate the template in the new project, give it the name of the template in your main project and copy it back in via Windows Explorer?

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                SangyD Level 1
                Thanks for your advice Peter. It is always helpful.

                Initially, I was hesitant to create a new template as I didn’t want to miss out anything what old template might have. I wanted to make sure what exactly is attached to the old template.

                In my understanding only style sheet can be attached to the template. Let me know if I am missing out anything else which can be attached to the template other than the style sheet.