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    Standard Authorisation in Adobe digital editions


      Hi, I changed my mail address and have no access to the old one anymore. I changed my Adobe ID in time to the new mail address. However, when I open Adobe Digital Editions under menu "Help" still as the standrad authorization my old mail address is listed. What can I do? Which consequences has it if it is not changed?



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          sjpt Level 4

          It often continues to show the old email address; this didn't seem to matter when I did it.

          It still is authorized with the correct account/ID.

          It corrected itself at some point: I didn't see exactly what triggered the change to display the correct new email.


          If you wanted to be sure you could deauthorize (ctrl-shift-D, cmd-shift-D on Mac) and reauthorize again (using new email)

          and I am sure it would show the correct email, but I don't think it is necessary.