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    I run out of memory while compiling?



      I use Adobe Premier Elements 11 on Windows Vista.

      I'm making a movie that is 3 minutes long. The problem is that when I try to compile it into the final movie I get an export error telling me "Error compiling movie. Unknfiown error." This is because adobe runs out of memory.

      I've googled and found out that I am supposed to Click on Edit -> Preferences and then set the preference to memory. The problem is that I have nowhere to set the preference to memory anywhere in that dialogbox.

      Could someone help me find where to set the preference to memory in Adobe Premier Elements 11? If that doesn't help, could someone please help me to fix this problem?

      Regards, Crasy. PS. I've never edited a video with Adobe before. That's why I seem to be so new at it, because I am.