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    inviare foto con photoshop element x e-mail

    Rosangela Droz

      cerco esperto che parli italiano ! grazie

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          Welcome to the forum.


          It appears, however, that you have questions regarding Adobe Photoshop Elements, where this is the Adobe Premiere Elements (Video editing program) Forum. We will be glad to Move your post to the Photoshop Elements Forum, where your link, and any e-mail subscriptions will follow, and you will get quick and great help. Just let us know for sure, if you want help with Photoshop Elements, or Premiere Elements.


          As for Italian, you can use the Translate button in the Forum to get the Italian translation - try that with my post. So far, that new Translate function seems to work pretty well. Just click Translate in my Reply (not sure if that shows if one is accessing the forum from a POP/e-mail account, or from a mobile device, but shows and will work if accessing the forum via a Web browser), and choose Italian from the drop-down menu. Should work fine.


          Good luck,