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    Problems installing Photoshop Elements 12


      HI Staff, hi Users,


      after uninstalling Photoshop Elements 10 and try to install Photoshop Elements 12 (CD version) an error appears

      and the installation was going back and undo the installation.


      I`ve done a shut down of my Windows 7 64bit Professional, start new, run the program Adobe Support Advisor and no error was found.


      I tried to install again with an actual downloadfile and the setupfile wants now to do an uninstallation first.

      In the middle of the confirmed unisntall process another error appears: 'Specified path is empty' - The uninstall process aborts.


      I tried it with admin rights - whatever, I'm the only user on the system.

      Allways the same error.


      There is no directory beginning with adobe photoshop or photoshop elements...


      So, what can I do now?


      Let me know if you need further information or a screenshot (it's in German!).


      Please try to write easy to understand


      Thanks in advance and best regards