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    Photoshop CS6 freezes before splash screen (Mavericks)


      13-inch MacBook Pro 2012 (June), 2.9GHz i7, 8GB of Apple RAM (no third-party RAM), 750GB drive, non-Retina display, OS X 10.9.1. In use for over a year under 10.8.x.


      Creative Suite CS6 Production Premium (Academic License) installed. Upgraded from 10.8.5 where Photoshop CS6 ran successfully until upgrading to 10.9. Upgrading to 10.9.1 didn't help. Reverting to 10.8.5 fixes things. Adobe Drive has never been installed. Lightroom 4 is installed. Trial of InDesign CC is installed, and it was installed under 10.8.5, too.


      Only Photoshop CS6 is affected; other CS6 apps in the suite work fine under 10.9.x. After upgrading to 10.9, Photoshop CS6 will work for maybe a day, then it will launch with a menu bar and menu choices, but none of them work. The Photoshop CS6 splash screen never appears.


      It appears to be OS X user-account related. If a new OS X user is created, Photoshop CS6 works.


      CS6 suite has been removed and reinstalled; no positive effect. Adobe's CS6 uninstaller has been downloaded and CS6 suite reinstalled; no positive effect. Photoshop .plist file has been deleted; no positive effect.


      Any help appreciated! Thanks!

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          pgRHTO Level 1

          Because Photoshop will launch successfully with a different OS X user account, can someone suggest which specific Console log(s) in both accounts to investigate (or search for the existence of) that may help diagnose why Photoshop won't launch?



          Additional behavior:

          In the problematic account, Photoshop starts to launch, and its menus appear. Many menus are black, but when you select a menu choice (such as Photoshop > About Photoshop or File > Open), then all Photoshop menus and choices gray out. Then you have to force quit Photoshop.



          However, if you first (while menu choices are still black) choose File > Open in Bridge CS6 (or words to that effect), then Bridge will open.




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            Curt Y Level 7

            There are numerous threads on promlems with Mavericks and PS, do a web search and see if any help you..  About the only thing I can offer I can offer is to reset prefernces.  Start PS and immediately hold down option/command/shift keys.  If fast enough you wlll get a reset window.

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              pgRHTO Level 1

              Thanks for the reply. Option-Command-Shift didn't help. I didn't get a reset window, or a splash screen. I finally gave up and migrated (200 GB) of data files to a new OS X account. We migrated only ~/Library/Preference items and ~/Library items for a minute number of programs (for example Mail.app and Contacts.app) and avoided moving any Adobe items from ~/Library and its enclosed folders.