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    Video Playback Stutters

    WillinToListen Level 1

      I am testing the trial version of Premiere Elements 12 but have an issue. The video stutters when viewed in the monitor. This is a new computer I built. I have had previous versions of Premiere Elements before (not on this PC) and never had this video stutter problem. I have updated my GPU but no change. I shut off acceleration but no change. Need help...



      Canon XH-A1S


      Intel® Core™ i7-4930K CPU @ 3.40GHz


      32 GB

      System Type:

      64-bit Operating System


      7.8 Windows Experience Index

      Graphics Card

      GeForce GTX 760

      Solid State Drive

      Samsung SSD 840 EVO 750G SCSI Disk Device


      1920x1200, 60Hz


      Pioneer BDR-208D ATA Device


      Dell U2412M


      Seagate 4TB


      ASUS X79-Deluxe



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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          This is a professional camcorder is probably not the best thing to edit on a consumer video editor.


          But that said:


          Have you ensured that you're shooting in 1440x1080 HDV format and only in 60i (and not 24f or 30f) frame rates? (I don't see specs online that indicate your camcorder shoots 1920x1200 resolution.)


          Did you use Premiere Elements to capture the video from this camcorder over a FireWire connection?


          If you look under the Edit menu, what Project Settings are listed? Do they match your video specs?


          If your project settings matchy your video specs you will NOT see a yellow line above your video clips in Expert view. Is this the case in your project?

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            WillinToListen Level 1

            I tried the trial version of Premiere Pro CC and have the same issue. I have been trying to get it solved through the PP forum but no success. This is a new computer I built for video editing.


            Yes - the camera is shooting in 1440x1080 HDV format at 60i,


            No, I used Premiere Pro to capture with firewire. I have also tried HDVSplit.




            I do not see a yellow line in Expert View.


            Is it possible that my GPU is not compatible?


            Thanks for trying to help. I have used Elements for years (not on this PC) and wanted to upgrade to pro camera and pro software but have run into this issue.

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              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

              No, it's not likely a GPU issue. Premiere Elements doesn't use much GPU accelaration.


              Your project seems to be set up correctly and your hardware is plenty powerful for working with this video.


              There is most likely something else going on that may be hard to diagnose on this forum.


              Is your computer set up to receive Microsoft Updates as well as Windows Updates? And have you manually gone to Windows Update to ensure you have all of these updates? (A large number of NET Framework and driver updates do not install automatically.)


              You may also want to turn off Windows Indexing, which can be a bit intrusive.


              There may some malware or crapware interferring with your playback. Or it may be interference from your antivirus program. (Are you  using something besides Windows Security Essentials? Norton software can be particularly intrusive.)


              But there's something definitely not right here. Your project seems to be set up correctly and you've got hardware power to spare! Yet I'm running a fraction of what you've got and have no problem editing HDV and AVCHD. So I'm not sure what's going on or what to do about it.


              If the video works just fine in Premiere Pro, it could be that the camcorder is using some professional codec that Premiere Elements can't work with.

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                WillinToListen Level 1

                No - I have the exact same problem with the video stutter in Premiere Pro as I do in Premiere Elements.

                I use AVG antivirus and Zonealarm firewall. I will try some of your suggestions.

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                  Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                  IIf Premiere Pro is also giving you trouble, you've definitely got something buggy going on!


                  You do have the latest version of Quicktime installed, right?


                  And you have run Disk Cleanup and Disk Defragmenter? And maybe, for good measure, CCleaner (a free download)?


                  There is also a program that I swear by but some people object to because it has been accused of stealing virus databases from other antivirus companies. But if you'd like to try it, it's a terrific one-click computer cleaner.



                  I have used the free version for years and it keeps my computer running better than new. It will try to install a browser toolbar but, if you pay attention during installation, you can decline it and it won't install any spyware or other junk. But it's up to you if you want to give it a try.

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                    WillinToListen Level 1

                    I uploaded a short section of the video I am testing with. If you have time, can you play it on your machine and see if it plays smooth or if it stutters?


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                      Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                      Your video looks great and plays great on my little i5 quad core, Willin.


                      And Premiere Elements has no problem matching the project settings to the video specs.


                      So I'm not sure what's up at your end. But it apparently has nothing to do with the video or the software.

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                        WillinToListen Level 1

                        I tried the following:

                        • shut off Windows indexing.
                        • temporarily shut off AVG antivirus
                        • temporarily shut off ZoneAlarm firewall
                        • Update Windows
                        • Verify latest version of QuickTime
                        • run Disk Cleanup and defrag drives
                        • run CCleaner
                        • run Microsoft malware detector
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                          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                          I'm sorry, Willin. I don't know what to tell you.


                          Did you install all of the optional/non-automatic updates at Windows/Microsoft Updates?


                          All I can say for sure is that the video works perfectly in Premiere Elements 12 on my computer, which isn't nearly as powerful as yours. So it's something about the way your system is configured. I just can't say what.

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                            the_wine_snob Level 9



                            The one thing that I see, that has a potential for causing problems, similar to what you are experiencing - the SCSI connection.


                            First, exactly how is your I/O (Input/Output) set up, i.e. the way that your drives are utilized, such as OS & programs on C:\, the SSD, then your Project(s) and media on the SCSI HDD?


                            What SCSI controller are you using, and what is the SCSI level of both that controller, and the HDD, i.e. SCSI 160M, or other?


                            As a test, can you create a small Project, just on the C:\, the SSD, with maybe only one of the Canon's smaller files? I know that this is not the ideal, but this test will take the SCSI completely out of the mix? What is playback now like for that little test Project?


                            As you have similar issues with PrPro and PrE, and as the rest of your system is excellent, I would try to focus on the elements that could cause issues.


                            For many years, I used SCSI, especially as it allowed me to use larger HDD's, lots of peripherals and gave me great speed. SCSI was a godsend for me, until about the time of SATA II, but there were a lot of considerations to be taken into account with that connection - cable length, number of peripherals and their connections, setup of the SCSI controller. It took a lot of work and testing, back then, and while probably a lot easier today, there are still some considerations, that can greatly affect the SCSI throughput.


                            If you can narrow things down TO the SCSI connection/hardware, then I would post to the Adobe Premiere Hardware forum, http://forums.adobe.com/community/premiere/hardware_forum?view=discussions I have been out of SCSI for too long to be of more than general help, but there are some real "heavy-hitters" on that forum, including the lads from ADK, who build super-computers for Premiere, and other Adobe programs. They are current, and very knowledgeable, plus super helpful. I would do some preliminary troubleshooting first, and then post the info in the first post here (well done!), along with the Project Setting, the specs. of the Captured files, and details of your SCSI test, plus the SCSI details (asked for above). IF you test, and find that the SCSI is your weak link, I feel that someone on that forum will be able to pinpoint what needs to be done.


                            Most of all, good luck, and please let us know how it goes.



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                              WillinToListen Level 1

                              I will check into this. Thanks Steve and Bill. I will report back later.

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                                WillinToListen Level 1

                                I put a small clip on the SSD (C:/drive) where the software is loaded. I have the exact same studder during playback. I read some concerns with Realtek HD audio manager. The clip I am using does not have much audio.


                                Could the Realtek software be causing the studder?


                                Why do I need QuickTime? 

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                                  the_wine_snob Level 9



                                  Could the Realtek software be causing the studder?

                                  Audio drivers CAN be problematic, but I would be surprised if it the cause here - still, we'll keep that in the back of our minds, just in case.


                                  Why do I need QuickTime?

                                  PrE (unlike PrPro) relies on Apple's QT Player for a bit more, than just the Apple CODEC's. If you do not have that installed, I would definitely install the latest version, and test.


                                  I think that you have ruled out the SCSI HDD and its connection, as you have taken that out of the mix, and still have issues.


                                  Please let us know if QT Player changes things for you.


                                  Good luck,



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                                    WillinToListen Level 1

                                    Spent most of today trying to figure out what is causing this studder. I'm starting to think it is the GPU or the GPU driver. It has the most up to date driver installed. Don't know why - just have a feeling that is causing the problem. I downloaded Sony Vegas Pro and that does the same thing too so it is not the software. I shut off everything I could from the start menu but no change.

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                                      WillinToListen Level 1

                                      I noticed my monitor refresh rate is set to 59 Hertz. I changed it to 60 Hertz but it returns to 59 no matter what I do. Could the refresh rate do this?