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    Need Help with this tutorial from the Adobe Website

    OnlyLAGcanKlLLme Level 1

      I'm almost done with my flash game which I created with flash pro cc. And i have been looking for tutorials to integrate my game to the Facebook and this is the only one I found. http://www.adobe.com/devnet/games/articles/getting-started-with-facebooksdk-actionscript3. html



      Am I on the right track?? The editor uses Flash Builder but I'm using Flash Pro cc.


      --- On Step 2: "Set up a development server for the Flash app",

              Sub-step #2. "To simplify the development process, configure Flash Builder to compile into your htdocs/fbdemo folder and run (or debug) the app on your server (see Figure 2)."


      1) But I can't find "ActionScript Build Path"(which is highlighted on the Figure 2 screenshot) or anything like that in Flash pro. Same for the "Output folder URL".

      Can I actually do the same things with Flash Pro cc?? Also #3 is "Verify that your app runs from your server." How do you run your app from your server??


      ---- On Step 4: "Initialize the Facebook JS SDK",

      2) so if I setup a server on a localhost just like the tutorial, I don't need to change the following? This is on line #6.


      channelUrl : 'www.YOUR_DOMAIN.COM/channel.html'


      can i just leave it like that ?



      3) So if I complete the tutorial, can facebook users play my game? or do i have more things to do?


      4) is there any other tutorial for Flash Pro CC to Facebook integration???


      Thank you so much for your help and time.