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    After Effects CC won't go past "Mediacore"




           I have been having a nightmare of a time getting AE to start up.   I am pretty sure I've done everything that the tech sheets say - including deleting 3rd party QT importers, and installing the latest patches. 


           I have also installed the downloaded "patch" to up the software to 12.2, but that doesn't seem to take (or care).  On top of this I have tried reinstalling it multiple times.  I've used the cleaner tool, to remove all of Adobe CC, just AE, and so many - many combinations thereof.


      But it still will not open AE and hangs on the splash screen.  Then you go to force quit and it gives the "not responding" note and you're done. I am just short of running my computer through dishwasher. 



      Thanks for any advice.