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    Module, App or what?


      I have been unable to find a definative answer to whether I can or should create a custom module or custom app for zurb foudation menu code I created myself and want to use but dont want to have to paste the menu code directly into each html page of my BC website.

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          Liam Dilley Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          You will need to create a dynamic Menu and custom menu layout.

          You need to realise that BC renders it's menu in its own way like most CMS's so you will have to moidfy and tweak the Zurb foundation code to work with your BC sites.


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            zooki Level 1

            I created code for a menu that does work in BC but I didn't use the BC menu system at all because it would just make a mess of things. So I have a working menu on the home page just the way I need it now I need a way to include that menu code in every page without having to paste the actual menu code in. Like you would with an include in PHP. I am trying to find out how I can do that with BC and I cant find information that goes into this, I know its either going to be by creating a custom module or app but looking for information on this.


            Sorry, I am new to BC and right now even finding information is a chalenge.

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              zooki Level 1

              Been thinking about my problem and I think the answer is to put my menu code in a content module and that will do it.