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    Signboard Help (Sizes/Measurements)

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      I really need your help regarding the size or measurement of the signboard. Hi my name is Mark, I recently got hired at a sign board company, before I was in a different company (advertising company) what my job is to make an artwork of an item this is kinda easy coz what I'am doing is to take the height and width of an item, do an exact size, design then add some logo on it. But now, I didn't expect that my work would be this difficult for me. Maybe this is still difficult bec i'm still new on this.


      So I have a client who want to make a fastfood restaurant signboard. He gave me the sizes, together with the material and some stuff that I've heard but didn't made before (im doing this for the first time). EXAMPLE Below:



      30mm depth and 6mm



      So can someone please help me with this? Just a simple sample of "text" or any word you like that is made in .psd/photoshop with the same specification or measurement that I wrote above.


      EDIT: Below is what I made sample. I took the 30mm depth from doing ALT+Left 30 times and 6mm for the stroke or 6 px. I don't know if I did right but please let me know if i'm correct, if not can you please explain to me how does it look like in 30mm depth and 6mm?




      EDIT2: Here is the .PSD http://www.solidfiles.com/d/380b67a6a9/ for the picture sample above.


      EDIT3: I'm new here so I don't know if this is the proper board for this topic if not please kindly forward this thread to correct board. Sorry for that.




      Best Regards,

      Mark Polke