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    Adobe InDesign CS6.0 Has Stopped Working

    silkphoenix12 Level 1

      My friend has converted some PageMaker documents with CS 4 in INDD format. I tried to open them with my CS6 but it kept

      stop working with the following error messages:


      Files that help describe the problem:





      But if he saved them in InDesign Template (indt) format, I can open them without any problems.


      So my question is: What's the difference between INDD and INDT formats besides the names are different? Why couldn't I open the INDD format files but no problem with the INDT files?


      Any suggestions/comments are much appreciated.


      Thank you.


      PS:  I just started using CS6 recently and still learning all the different tricks. I have to use CS6 since I still have quite a few PM files to be convered.