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    Word document into HTML

      Dear Peter,

      Thanks for your reply. Please note that I have created a word document that consist on 136 Pages. As a first step I open Robohelp 7 HTML. The page display with the following Options: (1) More (2) Word (3) MS HTML Help Project. I selected the 2nd option word, then page opens ask for the name of the File I wish to Import. Suppose the File Name is User Manual. Rite. Then windows open for Title Project name. Suppose I named it User Manual 1 Rite. First it imports the said document Rito? Then it ask for permission to Finish. the Said imported word documents displays and then I proceed for its Web Based Layout ok then window ask to view the Results It is working good. Suppose I want go for search like Time Entry, it is definietely showing the search for time entry including other Headings like Administration, Expenses and Bla Bla Bla, I believe that this searching is like a search in word where we find the word Like Time, it shows all the results where the Time word is found Like that. I Hope it is quite clear. Looking forward for your quick response.