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    Table embedded in document causes ID 5.5 and 6 versions to crash

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      We are a university that updates and publishes a catalog 4 x a year - this includes a table created in a much older ID version. Now, opening this bulletin and working in 5.5 and 6, every bulletin has crashing issues that revolve around this table.


      Tips online suggested saving the ID6 file as an .idml and reopen in the newer software. But now the .idml is preventing ID6 from opening.  THIS after running the Maverick OSx updates.


      Yes, I could rebuild this but it's big and I'd rather find the root and fix it.




      The crash report mentions, among a lot of data, a long list of plugins. I woudn't know where to find them or what to do with them.


      The short version of one line: InDesign.AppFramework 0x15970876 GetPlugIn + 876534