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    How to make Elements Organizer 12 edit photos with Photoshop Elements 11


      I have Adobe Photoshop Elements 11 installed on my mac book pro and spent time setting up folders in the Elements Organizer 11. I later installed Premier Elements 12 which included Elements Organizer 12.  However, from Organizer 12, if I right click a photo and choose to edit with Photoshop Elements, rather than launch my installed Photoshop Elements 11, I get a message saying to buy Photoshop Elements or insert DVD or use trial.  I've gone into preferences of Elements Organizer 12 and tried to choose Photoshop Elements 11 as an external editor under the editing tab which would solve the problem, but it says that Elements cannot be chosen as it is already available which is not the case.  How can I make this work with 11? If it is not possible, that is extremely ridiculous!


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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          In order to interface with Photoshop Elements 11, you will need to use the Elements 11 Organizer. You can't interface with the Elements 12 Organizer.


          You can probably find more information at the Photoshop Elements forum, by the way. This is the Premiere Elements forum.

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            A.T. Romano Level 7



            I am strictly an Elements Windows user. SG has Elements Mac versions and he has responded to your question.


            But, I would like to tell you of my observations related to what you are trying to do.


            In my case, I have a desktop Windows 7 64 bit computer that refuses to open Photoshop Elements 12 to the Full Editor. No way. I also have Premiere Elements 12 Editor and Elements Organizer 12 that are working on this same computer.


            So, this is what I tried. I accessed Elements Organizer 12 from the Organizer tab at the bottom of the Premiere Elements 12 Expert workspace.


            In the Elements Organizer 12, I went to Edit Menu/Preferences/Editing and set the "Use a Supplementary Editing Application" for

            C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Elements Organizer\Photoshop Elements 11.0.exe. No problems in doing that.


            After that, when I go back to Elements Organizer 12, select a photo, and use Editor Icon (bottom of Elements Organizer 12 workspace)/External Editor choice), the photo opens in Photoshop Elementd 11 Full Editor ready for editing.


            I have not really explored the what next part of all this. But, if I save the photo edited in Photoshop Elements 11 to Pictures, I find that Elements Organizer 12 will pick it up under the Watched Folder feature.


            I have no idea how much of any of that is applicable to Premiere Elements on a Mac computer operating system.