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    dng convertere stopped working

    mantiboa892 Level 1

      When i first downloaded dng converter it worked fine.After about a month it stopped working.Instead of the raw file showing up as abox in which 'dng' was written,psd box showd up instead and when clicking on this it opens up the raw file editor but then when try ing to save the image i psd there is no jpeg in the dropdown box to save it as. There is only psd ,jiff and some others. There was a jpeg choice when i first downloaded and the dng box. So what happened.?? I have tried several times downloading again but still same problem. Checking somewhere on the comp it said 'control host stopped working. Dont uninstall in case it starts to work again. this was a few months ago that it stopped working.Also it seems there is not 1raw and 1 jpeg file...sometimes ther are 3 or 4 raw files as psd and only one jpeg. Hope that clear.Thanks.

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          JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I am having difficulty following what you are really trying to do. Are you really using the DNG converter? Is that really what you are referring to? There is no "Save As" command in the DNG converter. It's sole purpose is to create DNG copies of your raw files, and it is an independent, freestanding piece of software. I tried to answer your other question that you posted, but there are a lot of questions that need to be answered. Please refer to the other question and we will see if we can get to the bottom of the problem.

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            mantiboa892 Level 1

            I received a link from a photo forum..(could not copy and paste it) Adobe Creative Cloud.PSCC/ In depth, Digital Negative DNG.

            He said he downloaded this and could convert raw images saving as jpeg or jiff etc. I did this in August last year and it worked exactly as he said. I dont remember where the files where the files i downloaded fom my camera were ending up. Must have been PICTURES IN LIBRARIES WHICH COMES WITH WINDOWS 7. This I have had about 1 yr. When i downloaded the adobe dng the raw files then appeared as a box with dng printed on it. This with jpeg image which can be seen next to the box dng. Clicking on the dng box then came up in pse with the RAW file editor. I edited the image and clicked on save image at the bottom . This then came up in pse screen and i clicked on FILE ----SAVE AS---Then there was a drop down box with lists of types to choose from jpeg was available. clicking on this I could then see the edited image. Now this doesnt exist. But there is no longer the box with 'DNG' printed on it. This probably still leaves you just as much in the dark as I am. I dont really understand anyway how this works,but it worked the first downloading. In anycase Windows photo gallery was not working ,no images were coming up in that place. Question is ...what should happen when you download dng converter. The RAW file ......what should it look like.??


            My photos are now going into windows library . There is no DNG converter to choose from. There is a list,including pse. windows view finder ,Adobe Reader and several others,If you can give me an idea what I should see if dng has been downloaded 'properly'. But it was installed thru Wizard  and i completed this to finish so ... cant see how it has not been downloaded correctly. Anyway it did work in August and came up in pse. ...so it does seem to work in adobe pse. It is afterall meant to work in Adobe photoshop inst it? It is an Adobe product ....the dng i mean. As you said there seems to be something else that's involved as to why not functioning.

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              JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              The DNG converter does not work "in" any program. If you download the DNG converter it is a separate, freestanding, independent program. In the DNG converter, there is no "Save As" command. As I mentioned earlier, all the DNG converter does is create digital negative (DNG) copies of your raw images. The DNG converter itself will not allow you to save your files in another file format such as JPEG, TIF or PSD.


              I don't know enough about Photoshop Elements to tell you what should or shouldn't be there. In Photoshop, there is an option in Bridge that will allow you to convert your raw files to DNG as you download them from your camera.


              Older versions of Photoshop would require you to convert images to 8 bit mode and flatten them removing all layers before it was possible to save JPEG images. The newer Photoshop will do that for you automatically, leaving your layers intact. But those are all functions of Photoshop, and NOT the DNG converter.


              Your description of your workflow is still pretty convoluted. If you can provide a step-by-step workflow and indicate at what point you are trying to save JPEG images or at what point you have confusing file formats, it would help tremendously.

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                mantiboa892 Level 1

                I am in the middle of trying to understand this with dng converter. I havent got roond to answering all yr quest: But I went into help and it stated that ADOBE CAMERA RAW NEEDED updating. Did that.I can see what you mean about about not saving a file in another format. There is so much i dont understand and the terminology  also. Is camera raw in Adobe not the same as the dng converter i downloaded?. Anyway ..why did this work a few months ago...that is the mystery. As you said...I dont understand Raw images. I couldnt find in ps what converter is downloaded when looking in HELP but it did say update CAMERA RAW..It's too complicated i think to try and solve this here. It did see however that the images are readable in CS5 and LIGHTROOM which i dont have. I do have CANON UTILITIES which have a raw converter, Maybe I should load images to that instead, or I read on Canon site that you need to buy software for raw files. Solution disc.Just too much out there it all becomes confusing.


                Why would the dng converter suddenly stop working ? What is the best thing for me to do now? Also is it not possible to read these raw files? If not ,dont see the point in bothering with raw files. My understanding is that the raw images can be worked on to get a better result than the jpeg file. thanks for your trouble..

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                  mantiboa892 Level 1

                  Well I'll try and explain it again.Dont know if i can give you anymore of the workflow than i already have. Tell me at which point you get lost. My prob is I cannot get an image from the converted file. I cannot see it. It ends up in a ps box icon and cant seen after editing in the camera raw (in pse) just comes up as the nuber of the file e.g 008 CR2.Unlike before when i could see the edited image after saving it.

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                    JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                    Camera Raw and the DNG converter are NOT the same thing. Adobe Camera Raw is a plug-in that is part of Photoshop and Photoshop Elements. Its purpose is to open and allow you to make modifications to the raw image data contained in your raw files taken by your camera. The DNG converter is NOT part of Photoshop Elements, NOT part of Adobe Camera Raw, it does not allow you to do anything other than create digital negative (DNG) copies of your raw files. Some people like to use the DNG converter routinely and automatically convert all their raw files to DNG. A DNG file contains all of the raw image data that was in the original raw file created by the camera. But the DNG file is a standardized format that Adobe has created. Their argument is that it simplifies raw processing and assures that your files will be usable in the future. The only problem with that argument, from my perspective, is that it limits the software that can be used primarily to Adobe products. Many other products do not support the DNG format. I don't convert to DNG because Adobe Camera Raw supports my cameras. The only time I would ever consider converting to DNG is if I had an older version of Lightroom or Camera Raw that didn't support the raw format from a new camera.



                    Now, the question to you is, are you really using the separate, freestanding, independent DNG converter, or are you talking about DNG conversion from within Photoshop Elements? There is a difference, a big difference. Have you specifically downloaded and installed the DNG converter, or are you simply trying to work within Photoshop Elements? This must be clarified if we are going to make any progress.

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                      mantiboa892 Level 1

                      well that clears some of the confusion. The dng converter i downloaded again does not seem to be working anyway. Not anymore.


                      So I might aswell use the CRin pse, which I see has my camera name printed at the top when I open it. So in the case of using pse cr then what i need to know is how ican edit this image then be able to see it,or save it in a format that is usable. In the meantime I have to read up more about all this anyway. thanks

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                        JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                        You never did describe your workflow, so I don't know why the DNG converter isn't working anymore. What what was it doing before?



                        For your other question, you might get more help from the Photoshop Elements user forum. A normal workflow would be to open the raw file in Adobe Camera Raw and make the adjustments that are necessary. Then you would click on the open button to open that file into Photoshop Elements to do any additional anything that is required. When you have finished your editing in Photoshop Elements you should be able to save the results in any standard format that you wish, other than as a raw file. Photoshop and Elements cannot edit or save raw images. So, once you have done any editing in Photoshop Elements it will be necessary to save your finished work in a new file format. Anyway, that is how I work. I don't know if Photoshop Elements is different in that regard. And you might get better/more reliable information from the other forum.


                        I read your original post again. You are still confused, I think. You say that there is no "save as" option using the DNG converter. I want to reiterate, emphasize, and say again that the DNG converter does not, and never has had a "save as" option.