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    Results from PDF2DTP have me stumped

    it@caotti.net Level 1

      I was given a form to change and customize in PDF format, so I used Markzware's PDF2DTP to translate it to InDesign and I'm not sure what to make of the results of the translation.


      The form basically looks like several tables. Once translated, everything in the tables (both text and boxes) act like they are grouped together. But when I go to Object>Ungroup, it's grayed out.

      So then I thought, maybe it translated it to an InDesign table. I don't have much experience with tables in InDesign, so I'm pretty ignorant about how to edit them, but I checked the Table menu, and convert text to table and convert table to text were both grayed out.


      Any thoughts about what this might be and how to break it apart so I can edit the text and boxes separately?

      Maybe its made up of text boxes and picture boxes embedded in a bigger text box? Is there an easy way of breaking something like that apart?