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    Adobe to Kobo


      I have an epub book on my Adobe and I plugged in my Kobo and was able to transfer it online and it's showing up on the computer. But when I unplug my Kobo and look for the book it's not there. Adobe and Kobo are both updated and authorized.


      I used to have no problem doing this but haven't done it in a while and am wondering if I'm missing something?!?!



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          sjpt Level 4

          One thing is to look at the files on the Kobo in your file manager (Windows Explorer, Mac Finder);

          the kobo should show up as a mounted drive if it is plugged in.


          Is it possible that you have updated ADE since it all used to work?

          There are quite a few bugs in the ADE2.0/2.0.1 version that weren't there in the earlier 1.7.2 version.

          It may be worth installing 1.7.2 and seeing if that helps.




          There are lots of bugs in ADE2.0 (and 2.0.1).  Try replacing ADE2.0 with the older but more reliable v1.7.2.

          (You can have them both installed at once if you like.)

          Version 1.7.2, it is a little difficult to find, available on Adobe site for Windows and for Mac.


          The forum software is sometimes corrupting the link above.  There shouldn't be a blank in 'editio ns.html'.  The following redirects to the same page: http://tinyurl.com/diged172



          Some people have found ADE trying to upgrade automatically. 

          It appears (not 100% sure) that if you install ADE2.0 as a new install (not as an upgrade) that your 1.7.2 will continue to run.

          Probably best to say no if 2.0.x installation asks if you want to migrate your library.

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            I got a new Kobo Touch for Christmas and am having a similar problem:


            I was able to transfer the book to my Kobo, but it will not open. I get an error message saying that I need to sign in with my Adobe ID, even though I have authorised my computer and Kobo Touch.


            I tried the older version of ADE, but the problem persisted.


            Any other suggestions.

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              sjpt Level 4


              Just checking in case, as I can't think of any other suggestions right now ...


              I think there may be two authorizations on the Kobo. 

              One to authorize with Kobo themselves, and one to register with Adobe.

              The Kobo registration will allow you to read Kobo bought books only.


              The Adobe registration requires a USB connection to a computer running ADE and authorized with the Adobe ID,

              then 'menu/Help/Authorize Device' to ADE (Library/Authorize Device on 1.7.2) to copy that Adobe authorization to the device.

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                SydneyW Level 1

                You do have to authorize your Kobo device as well as you computer, which I have done. I have also tried de-authorizing it, and re-authorizing it. This didn't change anything,

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                  sjpt Level 4

                  Sorry, run out of ideas there and no Kobo to try it out on either.

                  Any Kobo users out there who have got it working and can help?

                  Otherwise, good luck with Live Chat.

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                    sjpt Level 4

                    For yu125 and other readers of this thread ... SydneyW just reported on another thread:


                    It wasn't a problem with Adobe at all. All I had to do was a factory reset on my Kobo Touch. After that everything worked fine.

                    To do the factory reset you just have to go to the menue icon in the top right corner > Settings > Device Info > Factory Reset

                    Then follow the prompts for setting up your device again

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                      I too am having the same problem as SydneyW with my Xmas Kobo and ADE 2.0.

                      If I reset it though will I lose the books I've purchased from Kobo?

                      (I'm new to all this but am grateful for this forum!)

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                        SydneyW Level 1

                        Make sure you sync your Kobo with your computer. As long as your books are on your computer you can put them back on the Kobo after you do the reset.

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                          I've tried resetting to factory settings and starting from the start.

                          Also both my Computer and my new Kobo Glo are authorized- I have deauthorized and redone it- computer first then the Kobo Glo and I keep getting the same message. Can anyone help me- my friend and I have tried everything and followed all the directions numerous times.