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    unlock code

    r3d rose

      I am trying to download an ebook and am asked for an unlock code...where do I find this?

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          sjpt Level 4

          That will depend on where you are downloading then book from.


          I have never been asked for such a code from libraries or other places I have bought books.

          The 'unlocking' is generally done using your Adobe ID in that case.


          Your book vendors may have used Adobe DRM but with their own vendor id.

          They will be able to advise you what the id and password to use are.

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            Dominic Michael Adobe Employee

            If the book is PASSHASH enabled then it will prompt for Unlock Code. Please check with your distributor and get the login credentials to unlock.


            For more information on PASSHASH refer to, Public Knowledge Base


            Hope this solves your problem.