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    Insanely frustrating problem resizing timeline and actions panel...

    Jo UBG

      I noticed in my previous version of Flash Professional (CS4) that the ability to resize the timeline from CS3 had been destroyed by a person who obviously had acquired the wrong job in life. Thinking that he'd have already been fired and shunned to the dark corners of society for damaging something that was otherwise a pleasant utility, I've just installed Flash Professional CS6. The evil villain responsible for the most annoying "feature" to have ever been introduced into this software has now infected my actions panel with his retardation as well, and included in this "upgrade" is the inability to minimize in an intuitive fashion. I'm sick of flash snapping my panels to an arbitrary minimum size, as if it knows better than I how much screen space the single layer on my timeline should take up, or the amount of space that is appropriate for a small piece of code. I try to shrink my actions down now, and guess what? Can't do that, I've hit the minimum size for that panel! I feel as though my productivity is being assaulted for no reason other than to troll me, and I do not care if there's a hotkey for minimizing completely, I shouldn't have to find a 'workaround' for a neucance created by so called improvements.


      At this point I'm willing to crack open the xml files and edit the program if needed, please someone just tell me how I can bypass this ludicrous change by the worst person to have ever modified this software.