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    Need advice for new computer purchase to be used with Premiere Pro


      Hello all.  I am in the market for a new system, my current system is a few years old, running an Intel Quad Core Q9550 with Windows 7 Ultimate on it.  It's been great, but I'm looking to update my system to hopefully speed up my rendering time.


      My current skill level is "rookie" with Premiere.  I film a weekly "news desk" style vlog and edit in some static overlays of images, and that is about as fancy as it gets.  There is some motion, but not "high motion" nor do I use after effects or anything fancy past the built in effects from PP.


      I've been told to look at a quad core i7 processor.  When looking online, I've seen the Dell M3800 portable workstation as well as the Mac Book Pro 15".  Both seem comparable, however, the M3800 maxes at 8GB Memory while the Mac Book Pro goes up to 16.


      I've asked several people from both companies and no one seems to understand how to quantify why I should buy their system using it for PP primarily so I thought I'd come here.  I'm not looking to be, nor latch onto, any fan boy hype in either direction, I'm looking for qantifiable reasons why.  For example, I've heard the NVIDIA card in the M3800 would be better in terms of rendering times/speeds. 


      Thank you in advance for any advice, or direction pointing to continue research.  Additionally, so everyone knows, by budget would max at $3k, and, I'm not opposed to advice for systems from other companies.  I do know it would be better to build my own in most cases with PC, but I'm not that inclined, and I'd be more satisfied having another company on the hook for support and replacement of parts, as/if needed.