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    Indesign page size changing. Why?


      I've been making these schedules on Indesign for a few months now. I always use the same file, change some of the text and the background image (without resizing the Rectangle Frame). The page size is set to

      6.127 in x 11.127 in. When I select my page with the Page Tool, that's exactly what it says in the fields above my page. However, this time that I export to PDF, the page is not exporting to this size as it always does. Now it is exporting as 6.38 in x 11.38 in. It also appears that a white border has been added around the image.


      I would love to put a screenshot on here of how I'm setting up my page in Indesign, but the "Insert Image" function doesn't seem to work on Chrome. And the "Sign In" link doesn't seem to work on Firefox or Safari. I get a "can't connect to the server" error on both programs. *sigh* I guess it's just one of those days when nothing seems to work right.


      Anyway, does anyone know why in the world this is behaving like this? My other option is to rasterize the PDFs in Photoshop, resize them to the correct specs, then export them again as PDFs. But I'm not sure if I will lose quality that way and the prints won't look as nice?


      Thanks for your help,