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    CS3 FW drop down menu files not eporting correctly

      Drop down menu files are not exporting correctly.

      Here's what happened:

      1. I did a file save as to the PNG file (from subban11.png to subban12.png)
      2. Made changes to the drop down menu
      3. Eported the file with the new name subban12

      The result:
      1. The html file was named correctly as subban12.html
      2. All the supporting .gif files still had the old file name (subban11... )
      3. A new subban12.css file appeared that had never appeared before when exporting
      4. A new mm_css_menu.js file also appeared

      Is there fix for this problem or has my .png file corrupted?

      I did export a different .png drop down menu file and everything worked properly.