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    Need New Update for flash version for Linux please.....


      Hello, I been using Linux Alot... Ubuntu 13.10 64bit Linux.... For Security purposes and office Work.. ect. ect..    But i Also use facebook or many other Applications that use Flash on Linux...  on facebook i Get alot of errors.. on Games or whatever uses Flash...  it always says that Flash player must be Updated to minimum version of 11.8 or higher to use Flash games or whatever... such as  "Kings Road"   a game i play on facebook...    can you please update Flash player For Linux?  to a higher version so things will work and funtion the way suppose too..  i been checking and checking.. but doesnt seem to be a hurry to update linux version update.. it is much needed please..... at least change the version number so applications or games will attempt to run or load..         update be much appreciated.... thank you