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    The inscrutable Elements 11


      My goodness. Could you not make this thing a little more intuitive? Who writes this stuff, Fu Manchu or Rube Goldberg or Dr. Who?

      I like Adobe Elements for what it can do but it weighs a ton...2 tons.

      I understand that writing software is complicated but when it comes down to the high level, i.e. dummies like me who have been using this stuff for the past eighteen years; there has to be some way to translate the process without becoming an Egyptologist.

      Occasional software that requires sacrifice makes no sense; to me.

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          John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          The video LOUNGE is for non-technical discussions... if you have Premiere Elements question, please go to



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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            Once, PrE was more like a "stripped-down" PrPro, or at least the old Premiere. With about PrE 4, Adobe tried to make it easier for users (often users, who had never done any Video editing) to use - more "big buttons," and fewer adjustments. The GUI was altered, and fairly dramatically. The "streamlining" has continued through PrE 11 & 12. Some users love it, as do most reviewers, but if one has used an NLE, like PrPro, they are lost, and end up hating the program - however they are not really the target market.


            I use both programs, but for anything serious, I lean on PrPro, almost exclusively.


            Since this is a PrE post, as John T. points out, I will Move it to the PrE Forum. Your link, and any e-mail subscriptions, will follow.




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