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    Horizontal Lines while Capturing video in Premiere Elements 12

    Beany from Brooklyn Level 1


      I have a Sony DCR-TRV80 where video is captured on Mini DV tape. It connects to my PC via FireWire. PC has i7 CPU, Win 7 64bit. 8gig ram, raid 0 hard disks, nvidia video card. Lots of hard disk space.

      When I capture video, as it is captured, I get horizontal lines whenever there is motion (either a subject is moving OR the camera is moving). This is seen in the capture window of Premiere Elements 12

      The Project Settings:

      I have tried several but the one that does not give me a warning is DV Standard 48khz & DV Widescreen 48khz. Both setting details show them as being interlaced (frame rate of 29.97 & size of 720h 480v).

      Additionally, I have tried several other Project Settings and still get the same result.

      What I See:

      When I am capturing the video, I see the horizontal lines. When I output the image, I still get the horizontal lines (all seen on my PC).

      My goal:

      To capture my videos and have them at high quality so I can edit them to show on my TV to the family. I also would like to be able to see them on the PC without the annoying (and dizzying) horizontal lines.


      Any thoughts or help would be greatly appreciated.