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    Duplicate window appears on application full screen in MAC




      We are creating application which will support multiple platforms i.e. iPAD, iPhone, Android, Windows and MAC. In Windows and Mac there is a case where we need to do application fullscreen programatically after some delay; this works perfectly in both the platform except one thing. In MAC, before application goes to full screen if user lauches the Mission Control an application icons appears in the bottom of application window. This icon stays even if application goes to full screen and when user clicks on the icon another native window have same name get appears in the middle of the current space.



      To analysis the root cause we have created an another sample application and found same behavior there. We also tried to capture invoke event but didn't get any invoke event for this extra application window. Please find the attached screen shot which depicts steps to reporduce.


      Screen shot 1:

      Screen shot 1.png


      Screen shot 2:

      Screen shot 2.png


      Screen shot 3:

      Screen shot 3.png