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    Upgraded CPU with AE CC and I get less performance!


      Hello everyone!


      I recently started working with the CC suite.


      My configuration is based on a 1366 motherboard and I have 24 GBs of RAM.


      Now when I first started using AE, my I7 920 worked really well but I wanted to see how much faster rendering times I could get by upgrading to a i7 990x.


      Well, it seems that my rendering times have nearly doubled since I installed my 990x!


      If I don't use multiprocessing ON when rendering, one of my projects takes 16 minutes to render (used to take 7 and a half), and trying different settings under multiprocessing gives me variable results.


      At best I can get close to my previous (i7 920) fastest rendering time. Which really makes no sense! The 990x has 6 cores and a higher frequency!


      The template I am using as a test uses no weird plug ins, just prerendered flares and motion blur.


      I also noticed that on my windows experience index, my CPU now has a score of 6.9. Now that can't be right?


      My mobo is a EVGA SLI Classified and my GPU is a 660 GTX.


      Any help is apreciated, whether it's 990x experience or multiprocessing settings for 6 cores and 24GBs of RAM.


      Thank you.

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          More cores = increased parallelization = less effective cycles per core, meaning any operation that is only mildly multi-threaded or not at all will run on just one core and potentially feel/ be slower since the actual per core clock is determined by a multitude of factors that the processor and its features like TurboBoost are trying to figure out at runtime. As a result, it could decide to split tasks so unfavorably, it cycles through all cores every x number of clock cycles, but each core only then blips for a nanosecond. Or on the other hand it locks everything to just one core. Add to that whatever the operating system manages and you could effectively end up with only a fraction of your theoretical processing power on whatever is sued as the primary processing core. And if you didn't already guess it: Surprise, surprise, temporal operations in AE like calculating motion blur are mostly single-threaded because they require linear progression and evaluation of multiple states in a given slice of time. Likewise, you could be using specific CoDecs, your I/O performance could suck and a million otehr things could go wrong. This of course is a crude simplification, but you get the picture. Overall, just getting a new machine and expecting AE to do miracles is just slightly naive (no offense). There is simply too many things to consider and without actualyl knowing any hard facts like what comp settings, render settings and so on you actualyl use, nobody can realyl know. We could even go so far and just assume that you render to a slow external USB drive and then what you see would probably even be toatlly expected/ expectable.



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            frank_d Level 1

            First off: I did NOT expect miracles. I thought I'd see a simple 10% boost without multiprocessing on, simply because of the extra power this CPU has.


            I render on an internal SATA III drive, my OS drive is a Samsung 840 Pro EVO, my cache drive is a Kingston SSD drive.


            I mostly render using the h.264 codec.


            If you think you can offer some input on this, then please let me know what you need to know in order to do so.


            Thank you

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              frank_d Level 1

              Anyone that has a 6core CPU and can share his multiprocessing settings?


              thank you