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    Trouble Import Flash MX into Director MX

      Hi I am newbie.
      I had made a flash mx movie named main.swf. In this flash, i put a movieclip that loads a video named video.flv from a folder named Video.
      If i run my swf (with flash player), it works. I mean, the video is loaded.

      But the problem is, when i import that main.swf to director MX (I choose Link as external file), and I run the director, the video is not loaded. The main.swf file is appear, but the movie clip which load the video, didnt appear.

      Did i miss something? i put the dir file, eg tes.dir, and its projector (tes.exe) in one folder with main.swf. So in that folder, there are tes.dir, tes.exe, main.swf and a folder Video which contains video.flv. didnt appear

      Please help me...