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    How to add more layers when there is enough free memory (ram) ?




      When i create an image with a resolution of 3840x2880 pixels, i can only create 3 layers.


      However, from what i understand, i should be able to create more layers than that, at least 10 without problems.

      See this simple calculation :

      3840x2880 = 11 059 200pixels

      I don't know how Photoshop Touch stores the properties of each pixel, but if i had to create a similar application, i would store the R,G,B,A value for each pixel of each layer.

      So for one layer this would take 11 059 200 * (1 + 1 + 1 + 1) = 44 236 800bytes or around 45mb

      On my tablet i have 2go of total ram and around 1go of free ram when running photoshop touch

      If i create an image with a resolution of 3840x2880 pixels and 3 layers, the layers should take approximately  44236800bytes * 3 = 132 710 400bytes or around 133mb, and i am not allowed to create another layer but there is still 1gb of free ram...

      Why is that ? I would like to be able to create at least 5 layers and this would take only around 222mb of memory...


      I hope that you will add an option to set the amount of memory to use for this program so that we can create more layers, else this is a ridiculous limitation.