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      I'm running Windows 7, plenty of RAM, InDesign CS6, Excel 2007


      Data Merge from Excel spread is very very slow above 100 records.


      Turned off preflight and report generation to see if that helped..not resolved I'm afraid.


      The merge works well with 100 records...


      Any suggestions, as to what to try next



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          MW Design Level 5

          How long is a piece of string?


          Hard to answer you. I have no idea of how much text is involved in individual records or actual fields. It takes but a minute here to merge a tab delimited file of 500+ records that ends up producing an 80 page merge file.


          What file format are you merging? Is it the actual placing of an Excel file or merging a delimited type of file?

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            SPAM Level 1

            its almost 7000 records, with approximately 70 individual placeholders per 

            final page, and the placeholders are located within an excel csv file, so I

            am  merging a delimited file.







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              Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

              Try saving and using a tab-delimited version.


              Seventy fields is a lot of data, though...

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                Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                And a lot of RAM is really meaningless. ID CS6 is a 32-bit program, so can only address a bit less than 4 gb.

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                  MW Design Level 5

                  You may have better success in splitting up the merge into say 3 separate pieces. You can make these 3 merge files from your CSV (and I would use tab delimited as well). Then, with your master merge file, merge one and save the file, then close it. In your master merge file, load #2. Merge it, save and close it. Same with #3.


                  Then open #1, place #2 at the end, place #3 at #2's end.


                  Your file has a lot of fields, a lot of records. I would try the above.

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                    SPAM Level 1

                    I'm producing a census form with household occupants names and details hence the number of placeholders...tab delimiting does not fix the issue...cutting down on the number of palceholders doew...gonna have to rethink how i do this...


                    thanks for the help