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    InDesign TOC flow problem


      I am working on a multipage InDesign CS6 document that has headings inline with the body copy, but has subheadings that are in separate frames so that they can be positioned next to the paragraphs that they introduce, rather than being above them.


      Here's the layout:



      The problem is that I cannot get the subheads to show correctly in a generated TOC. I have the text frames aligned flush left, and have even tried pushing the subhead frames to the right. I hoped that anchoring the subheads to their paragraphs might help InDesign to know the intended position of the subheadings, but that hasn't worked either.


      Here's the generated TOC:



      "What We Expect" and "Privacy Protection" should be under the "Employee Confidentiality" heading rather than before it.


      Can anyone help me with a strategy to get these headings to align correctly in a generated TOC? This is a document that is constantly being updated, so the convenience of having auto updated numbering and auto inserted headings and subheadings, as well as the auto hotlinking to headings in the pdf version, is something I would really like to have.