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    Paragraph Styles in Use + ID CS6

    HSGROW_HK Level 1

      Hi InDesigners,


      I know it's a bit of a faux pas to compare Adobe to Microsoft but I am going to do it anyway.


      I am wondering, is there a way to audit what paragraph styles are in use in a document? I have a book that had styles inadvertently synced over 10 documents. I would like to reverse this problem by deleting all but the styles in use. Therefore, I am wondering if there is a way to identify this like in MS Word 2011 for Mac. See image attached and note "List: Styles in Use" dropdown.


      I really appreciate your help as there are 50 + styles in each document (and each doc has in excess of 70 pages). I suspect there are only a handful in use.


      Many thanks.