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    forum display

    HKabaker Level 2
      I was just getting ready to ask if anyone else was seeing the page layout garbled for much of the day today, and a JS error alarm at the bottom. One last reload . . . . fixed!

      Firefox still is complaining about a bunch of (apparently harmless) script errors that IE ignores.

      And these poor old eyes are telling me to hit the "bigger" command for fonts. But that's OK, since I can adjust.

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          Kathy313 Level 1
          The layout has been fine for me (IE6) but, I did try to do a Print Preview of a topic (I wanted to print the last couple entries to remember to follow up later) and the preview got a JS error... Interesting. I figured it was just that the FuseTalk forum didn't like being printed!
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            Gravenstein Level 2
            Harvey, what browser are you using? My IE7 totally tanked when I tried to access the site. In fact, IE7 absolutely HUNG when I tried to access any page on the Adobe site! Any time I tried to access it, I ended up having to kill the browser. I don't have any problem accessing other sites, and my coworkers can access Adobe just fine with their IE7 browsers. I have IT trying to noodle out the problem, but for now the workaround is reverting to IE6.

            Any idea what the heck is going on...or better yet how to fix this? If anybody else is having the same problem, we might not be hearing about it, since they're locked out, too.

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              Gravenstein Level 2
              It appears that I'm reading selectively, since I now see that Harvey is using Firefox.

              Still, any suggestions are appreciated...

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                HKabaker Level 2

                Acutally I was using IE 6 most of the day. At first it bombed, but then opened the forum looking like a plain html page, leaving out all or most of the JS.

                I can't remember what Firefox did before the forum recovered. But as I said, even after IE stopped showing the JS error bug, Firefox error console was complaining, and still is, about a file called mm_import.css and some template files.

                But the forum does look good in both browsers.

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                  Gravenstein Level 2
                  It turned out to be a problem with my Flash Player. All upgraded and fixed now.