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    HELP!  There is error that comes up every time I try to PDF a form


      This is so fustrating.  Some one replied to me 4 days ago and NEVER helped me resolve this issue.  I provided the tech with access to my form and now I have no further support.  What is the number to reach a LIVE person at Adobe?  I'm in a panic state as my form has to be live by Monday.  Please advise.


      The issue:


      I created a form that will show jpegs pending the logical anwser.  I need to be able to see the form replies that are UNIQUE to each user.  The error I get says the form is already open in some other program.  NOT true.  I was told PRIOR to going to the paid subscription that in order for me to utilize the PDF function - I had to pay for the service.  I DID that.  Now I'm stuck.  GUUUUURRRR